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How To Add Minerals To Water?

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    Many water purification processes, including reverse osmosis, not only add minerals to water but also strip it of its natural trace elements. These systems, while making water safe to drink, deprive it of beneficial minerals essential for optimal body performance.

    Despite the safety of consuming reverse osmosis water, its lack of mineral content means it doesn’t offer the same advantages as mineral-rich water.


    6 methods to enrich your water with minerals

    Fortunately, you can enhance reverse osmosis water by reintroducing minerals at home, either through systems designed for remineralization or by incorporating trace mineral drops that reintroduce essential minerals back into your drinking or tap water. Below are six methods through which you can boost your mineral consumption via purified water.

    tap water

    Mineral drops

    Mineral drops, which are concentrated liquid formulations, allow for an easy enhancement of your water’s mineral levels with just a few additions to your beverage. They can transform distilled water into a mineral-rich drink effortlessly. Containing a range of trace minerals, these drops provide your water with additional health benefits.

    Following the guidelines provided by the drop manufacturer, you can add trace mineral drops to your water and stir thoroughly.

    The water might acquire a taste reminiscent of minerals, and to counteract this, some producers suggest incorporating the minerals into flavored beverages or juices. Mineral drops are suitable for use in distilled, purified, or reverse osmosis (RO) water.

    Mineral-enhancing water containers

    On the market, there are specific water container brands that incorporate ionic minerals into your RO water, effectively transforming it into mineral water.

    These containers are equipped with cartridges that enrich your reverse osmosis water with minerals, without modifying the water’s flavor. It is believed that consuming mineral water from these containers reduces the body’s acidity levels and introduces essential minerals into your system.

    However, it is advisable to avoid water containers that contain crystals such as rose quartz and amethyst within the container.

    Although many of these crystals do not exert any physiological impact on the body, certain crystals are soluble in water. This means you might ingest minute quantities of turquoise or selenite when drinking from your water container.

    Water purification and remineralization units

    Certain water purification units have the capability to not only remove impurities from tap water via reverse osmosis but also reintroduce essential minerals simultaneously. These units can be easily attached to your kitchen tap, functioning at the simple flick of a switch.

    This process yields purified drinking water enriched with a fresh batch of minerals, exactly what is required for optimal hydration and maintaining the body’s equilibrium.

    However, the cost of acquiring such water purification setups can be significant, and the filters, essential for purifying the water, must be replaced roughly every year.

    Despite their effectiveness in providing clean, mineral-rich water, these systems might not be the most viable option for every household due to their cost and maintenance demands.

    Himalayan pink salt

    Himalayan pink salt is a type of mineral-dense sea salt. Its distinctive pink color comes from the trace amounts of mineral impurities found within the salt.

    These very impurities are the reason why mineral salts, like Himalayas, are highly prized for their potential health advantages over standard table salt.

    Himalayan pink salt

    Incorporating just a pinch of Himalayan pink salt into your drinking water and stirring thoroughly can supply your body with a significant mineral boost, though it does introduce a salty flavor to the beverage. However, it’s important to consume this salt-enriched water sparingly.

    Overconsumption may elevate sodium levels in your bloodstream, potentially causing hypertension. It’s best to enjoy this mineral-rich water in moderation to avoid any health issues.

    Utilizing electrolyte supplements

    Electrolyte supplements are expertly designed to replenish water with the essential minerals and electrolytes that reverse osmosis processes might strip away. To enjoy the benefits, simply dissolve the recommended amount of electrolyte powder into your drinking water, creating a beverage enriched with vital, healthful minerals.

    While many electrolyte powders are marketed as sports drinks or fitness supplements, containing various artificial flavors and colorings, these additives could potentially be detrimental to your health if consumed in large quantities. For optimal health benefits, opt for electrolyte mixes that are free from flavors and sugars.

    Incorporate organic produce

    Utilizing organic produce such as fruits, herbs, and vegetables is beneficial due to their content of trace minerals that are water-soluble, making infused water a popular choice among those focused on health and wellness. The minerals derived from these organic sources tend to dissipate quickly, underscoring the importance of consuming the infused water promptly.

    Incorporate slices of your preferred fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your water. The finer you chop them, the greater the quantity of minerals and electrolytes they can release into the water. Favorites include lemons for their electrolyte content, as well as mint, various citrus fruits, cucumbers, apples, and berries.

    add lemon and herbs into water


    Regular water quality testing

    Ensuring that the mineral content in your drinking water meets health standards, it is crucial to periodically test the water quality.

    Various home water testing kits are available on the market, which can measure the levels of key minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, as well as the pH value and hardness.

    Based on the test results, you can adjust the method and amount of mineral addition to ensure that your drinking water is both safe and beneficial for your health.


    The importance of maintaining water quality balance

    Understanding and maintaining the balance of minerals in drinking water is vital for promoting good health. An excess or deficiency of specific minerals can lead to health issues. For instance, magnesium and calcium are essential for heart and bone health, whereas excessive sodium intake can elevate blood pressure.

    Therefore, when using the methods mentioned above to add minerals, it’s important to ensure not just the supplementation of adequate minerals but also to avoid excessive intake, maintaining the balance of minerals needed by the body.



    It is important to add minerals to water, especially in the context of reverse osmosis and other purification processes that strip water of its natural trace elements.

    The six methods outlined offer practical solutions for reintroducing essential minerals into purified water, ensuring that it contributes positively to our health and well-being.

    Whether through mineral drops, enhanced containers, remineralization units, Himalayan pink salt, electrolyte supplements, or incorporating organic produce, each method provides a unique way to enrich our water.

    By doing so, we not only improve the taste and nutritional value of our drinking water but also support our body’s overall health, highlighting the crucial role of minerals in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



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