H2O Reminder Smart Water Bottles

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Smart Business Cup: Built-in battery design, truly offering a charge-free, wireless, and maintenance-free drinking experience.
🍵 Compact Precision Size
🍵 SUS 304 Inner Lining
🍵 Eco-Conscious Cap Design
🍵 Extended Power
🍵 Temperature Safety Alerts
🍵 IPX7 Waterproof Excellence

Long-lasting Power

Equipped with a 1100mAh lithium battery, it stands by your hydration needs all day.

Precision-Crafted Body

The 304 stainless steel inner lining boasts nano-instrument processed threads, ensuring a smooth twist every time.

Waterproof Excellence

Designed with an IPX7 waterproof rating, the bottle cap can be rinsed or briefly soaked for cleaning.

Compact Design for Modern Needs

Measuring at 240 X 65mm, this smart water bottle fits seamlessly into your daily routine.


Our smart water bottles come with integrated technology that provides hydration reminders, temperature alerts, and tracks your daily water intake
While the bottle itself is dishwasher safe, we recommend removing the electronic components and washing them by hand to ensure longevity.
The bottle uses sensors to detect the temperature of the liquid inside and will change color or send notifications based on the set temperature ranges.
Absolutely! We prioritize your health, and all our bottles are made from BPA-free materials.
Our smart water bottles use advanced sensors to provide a highly accurate measure of your daily water intake.
Yes, the bottle can be used for a variety of beverages. However, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly after using it for drinks other than water to maintain its functionality.


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