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5 Ways to Clean Reusable Water Bottles

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    Our reusable water bottles are more than just containers; they’re testaments to our commitment to health and the environment.

    Ensuring they’re clean is a duty we must take seriously, as a rinse under the tap is akin to a mere pat on the back when what’s needed is a thorough scrub.

    Proper cleaning: rinsing vs cleaning

    The difference between a cursory rinse and a thorough clean is stark. Rinsing may rid your bottle of the last drops of water, but cleaning—true cleaning—targets the unseen bacteria It’s about a commitment to cleanliness that goes beyond the surface, ensuring that the bottle you drink from promotes health rather than harm.

    5 Natural ways to clean reusable water bottles

    Nature has provided us with a basket of solutions to make our bottles not only clean but sparkling.

    Here are 5 natural, step-by-step ways to clean your drinking water bottle at home, without using chemical solutions.

    baking soda

    1. Clean reusable water bottles with baking soda

    Baking soda, known as Sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda, when mixed into a paste and applied to the bottle’s interior, tackles grime and odors.

    A 15-minute wait allows the natural cleaner to penetrate and lift build-up, and after a final rinse, the entire cleaning session concludes within 20 minutes.

    2. Clean reusable water bottles with hot water and dish soap

    Combining hot water with a squirt of eco-friendly dish soap creates a powerful cleansing agent. Vigorously shake the smart water bottle, then employ a brush to reach all corners.

    A complete rinse with hot water ensures no soapy residue, with the whole process taking no more than 5 minutes—a small investment for peace of mind.

    cleaning brushes with vinegar and lemon

    3. Clean reusable water bottles with vinegar and water solution

    A concoction of white vinegar and water left to sit overnight does wonders. It’s a gentle, natural method that requires minimal effort but offers maximum cleanliness.

    The following day, a thorough rinse ensures that your bottle is refreshed and ready to use, proving that patience yields purity.

    4. Clean reusable water bottles with lemon and neem water

    The antibacterial properties of lemon juice mixed with neem water can revitalize your bottle over a span of a few hours.

    This solution not only cleanses but also imparts a fresh scent, and after a final rinse, the process leaves your bottle in a state of natural cleanliness.

    5. Clean reusable water bottles with spray solution

    Creating a spray with water, vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil offers a quick, on-the-go cleaning solution.

    A 10-minute wait post-spray allows the natural disinfectants to do their work, followed by a rinse, and in a quarter of 1 hour, you’re ready to hydrate once more.

    Don’t forget the little guys: deep clean straws, lid, and bite valve

    The accessories of your bottle—lids, straws, bite valves—should not be overlooked as they too can harbor bacteria.

    black smart water bottle

    Soaking these parts in a vinegar solution for 30 minutes, followed by a targeted scrub and a hot water rinse, will ensure they’re as clean as the bottle they accompany.

    Allowing them to air dry completely not only prevents bacterial growth but also ensures that your hydration experience is both safe and satisfying.

    Alright, here’s the deal

    Make clean reusable water bottles a part of your daily grind. Pick a cleaning hack that works for you and stick with it. No excuses.

    Don’t wait for that funky smell to hit you—be ahead of the game and clean your bottle every day. And hey, if it’s been chilling in your gym bag or backseat, wash it, pronto.

    Keep your bottle to yourself unless you’ve given it a good scrub down for someone else. And if you can, go for a stainless steel or glass one—they’re a breeze to clean and don’t give germs a cozy place to crash.

    So, keep these tips in your back pocket, and you’ll be sipping happy and healthy. Cheers to that!



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