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Get Well Package Ideas For Sick Friends:6 Steps

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    Get well package ideas are a thoughtful way to show care for a sick friend. These suggestions will guide you in creating the ideal DIY recovery gift basket, packed with essentials to help them conquer their illness and bounce back stronger. Plus, there’s a free printable gift tag to accompany your thoughtful gesture!

    I’ve recently recovered from a nasty cold, courteously passed on by Jared. (Who knew kisses could spread germs, right?)

    But, to be honest, I probably had it coming. Compassion and sympathy aren’t really my strong suits when it comes to sickness. I was always the type to don my big girl pants and handle things solo.

    So, when Jared was down and out with what seemed like a mere cold (I mean, come on, it’s just a cold, how bad can it be?), my nurturing side didn’t exactly shine through.

    Then, the tables turned. I got sick, and it completely knocked me off my feet. Perhaps it was more than just a common cold… Maybe the flu?

    sick people

    Fortunately, I managed to get a week’s worth of rest and recovered pretty quickly, unlike Jared, who had to get up at the crack of dawn for his demanding manual labor job, still battling fatigue after three weeks.

    This experience was a real eye-opener for me about the importance of empathy. Despite my initial lack of compassion, Jared took great care of me with effective cold medicine, meals, and plenty of rest. I really struck gold with him. So here I am, humbly eating my slice of humble pie.

    So, learn from my mistake. Be kind, be empathetic. Got it? Great. Now, let me share with you what a sick person truly desires and needs during flu season, because these are all the things I needed (and gratefully received from my incredible husband).


    What should you include in a DIY get-well gift basket?

    Alright, so we all have our own idea of the ‘perfect’ get-well gift basket, which means I won’t dictate the exact items to add. However, I can offer you a formula for must-haves. If you make sure to include these six key elements, you’re likely to be promised a big hug from your ill friend (though, perhaps wait until they’re not a walking germ factory).

    1. Items to Alleviate Discomfort

    Think of the essentials: cold medicine, tissues, and vitamin C boosters. Sure, your friend might already have these, but believe me, during my last cold, I ran through a mountain of tissues.

    An extra pack for the bedside or a coat pocket is always a good idea. Don’t forget lotion and chapstick either. As my nephew put it, I was in a sneezing storm! After all that nose action, some skin TLC is definitely appreciated.

    2. Refreshing Beverages

    Hydration is key when you’re under the weather. You’ll want something to help flush out those pesky germs, to wash down the medicine, or simply to enjoy while binge-watching shows on Netflix.

    Orange Juice

    A few of my top picks include Powerade, Bigelow herbal tea, Simply Orange Juice, or even a gift card for a soda shop (I can’t resist those ‘dirty’ sodas). Extra points if you throw in a charming mug, a fancy teacup, or a sleek insulated water bottle.

    3. Comforting Snacks

    Chocolate is a no-brainer for anyone feeling under the weather. When you’re sick, your appetite might vanish, but suddenly, you find yourself ravenous.

    Easy-to-prepare foods are perfect: think a can of chicken noodle soup, a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese (my go-to comfort food, sick or not), or a takeout gift card. And don’t forget the movie snacks. I’m pretty sure there’s an unwritten rule that sick folks love popcorn, chocolates, and potato chips.

    4. Cozy Comforts

    Think about it, how’s anyone supposed to get through a sick day of movie marathons without something like a mermaid tail blanket, aloe-infused socks, or super cute slippers? They probably can’t. Cozy up!

    5. Entertainment Options

    After enough rest, switching it up is refreshing. A free month of a popular streaming service, an iTunes gift card, or even a crossword puzzle might hit the spot. And for those who enjoy a bit of creativity, a coloring book with crayons is perfect. (I’m definitely that person.)

    6. Charming Presentation

    Finally, gather all your thoughtful gifts into a pretty basket, and top it off with a bright ribbon bow. I picked a simple bin from Walmart for my basket, but there’s also this eye-catching wire basket or those adorable small fabric bins. The best part of a real gift basket? It doubles as reusable storage!

    Looking for a cute tag to add to your gift basket? I’ve created this one just for you – it’s not the same as the one in the pictures, but I might like this one even more. 🙂


    Why making your own gift basket is the way to go

    Here’s why it’s a great idea:

    • You tailor it specifically for the person receiving it.
    • Fill it with top-notch items they’ll adore (let’s be honest, some pre-made baskets can be pretty lackluster).
    • Plus, you get the joy of crafting and assembling a charming basket yourself. It’s a triple win: personalized, quality, and fun for you!


    What to do when you’re low on time or budget?

    No worries at all. Trust me, anyone bedridden with a bad cold will appreciate any gift, no matter the size. Just a few items from this list can make a thoughtful offering. Wrap them with a ribbon, and you’re all set!

    A lovely mug, a selection of herbal tea, some chapstick, and a mini lotion can create a fantastic, simple version of the ideal get-well-soon gift basket!


    6 Must-Haves for a Get Well Soon Gift Basket

    With flu season around, it’s a smart move to collect these essentials and create a charming gift basket, ready for when someone you know falls ill!

    (Or maybe as you’re looking through these great items, you feel a cold coming on yourself. Don’t worry, treat yourself to some retail therapy and assemble your own fabulous get well basket.)

    Looking for more gift ideas? Don’t miss these cheerful sunshine gift suggestions that are perfect for brightening up a sick friend’s day!



    In conclusion, these get well package ideas are perfect for showing care and thoughtfulness towards someone who’s feeling under the weather.

    Whether you’re crafting a basket filled with essentials like comforting snacks and cozy comforts, or opting for a simplified version with a few select items, the key is personalization and heart.

    Remember, it’s not just about the items themselves, but the love and care you put into assembling them. So, gather these suggestions, add your personal touch, and create a get-well package that’s sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face, proving that a little kindness goes a long way in brightening someone’s day.



    Can I include homemade items in a get-well package?
    Absolutely! Homemade items add a personal touch to your gift basket. Consider including homemade soup, baked goods, or a hand-knitted scarf for added warmth and care.

    What are some non-food items that can be included in a get-well basket?
    Non-food items like puzzle books, journals, or a soothing playlist can be great additions. They provide entertainment and comfort without focusing solely on food.

    How can I ensure the gift basket is comforting for someone with a flu?
    Include items that provide comfort and ease flu symptoms, such as a soft blanket, a hot water bottle, or a gentle, soothing tea blend specifically for flu relief.

    What are some gender-neutral items for a get-well basket?
    Items like neutral-colored cozy socks, unscented lotions, herbal teas, and books or magazines are great gender-neutral choices that anyone would appreciate.

    How can hydration and skin care be incorporated into a get-well basket?
    Hydration is crucial for recovery. Include a stylish water bottle to encourage drinking more fluids. For skin care, consider adding gentle, hydrating skin products like aloe vera gel or hypoallergenic moisturizer to soothe skin dried out by cold symptoms.



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