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What To Bring To A Theme Park?

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    Wondering what to bring to a theme park adventure in 2023? This handy guide has you covered, outlining what you can bring and what’s a no-go.

    Remember, the key is to strike a balance between being well-prepared and not burdening yourself with excess gear. Bringing a few essential items can save you money and keep you comfortable, whether you’re facing scorching sun or unexpected summer showers.

    theme park


    Theme park essentials

    Comfortable footwear

    When it comes to your theme park visit, your choice of footwear is paramount – perhaps even more critical than your entrance ticket. You could easily trek close to ten miles in a single day exploring the park’s attractions. Wearing comfortable shoes ensures your focus remains on the thrilling rides and not on tired, achy feet.

    Sunscreen protection

    As you embrace the summer sun at your beloved theme park, don’t forget to shield yourself from its scorching rays. Tuck a small tube of non-greasy, water-resistant sunscreen into your bag. It will safeguard your skin from the relentless UV exposure throughout the day, making your adventure much more enjoyable.

    Plus, you’ll steer clear of the lobster-red complexion that often marks the end of a day in the sun! Remember to follow the application instructions, as one coat is usually insufficient for an entire day of fun.


    Donning a pair of polarized sunglasses is a must when you plan on spending extended periods outdoors during your vacation season. We recommend opting for polarized lenses, as they effectively reduce glare from surfaces like pavements and bodies of water, ensuring your eyes stay content.

    Stylish brimmed hat

    Shielding yourself from the sun’s direct rays is not only cool but also crucial. Equip yourself with a wide-brimmed hat or even a hat featuring a brim, such as a classic baseball cap. This nifty accessory keeps the sun out of your eyes and helps maintain your comfort. If you opt for a wide-brimmed hat, consider choosing one with an attached string to avoid leaving it behind when you head indoors.

    Lip balm

    For those visiting theme parks in drier or arid regions during the summer months, don’t forget to toss a small tube of lip balm into your bag. It’s the perfect solution to prevent your lips from drying out and cracking under the relentless sun.

    lip balm

    Rain-Ready poncho

    Summer rainstorms have a knack for surprising you on clear, blue-sky days, especially in the case of those predictable afternoon showers at Florida theme parks.

    Be prepared by carrying a simple, lightweight rain poncho complete with a hood, especially since some parks don’t permit umbrellas. Getting caught in a sudden downpour and spending the rest of your day in wet clothes is a sure way to dampen your spirits.

    Reusable water bottle

    If your beloved theme park permits them, don’t miss the opportunity to bring along a refillable water bottle. It’s a savvy way to avoid splurging on expensive plastic water bottles within the park.

    We recommend opting for an insulated water bottle, like an H2O Reminder Smart Water Bottle, to keep your hydration refreshingly cold on those scorching hot days.

    Waterproof cell phone case

    Prepare for any water-related adventures by packing a waterproof pouch for your cell phone and other small valuables. This is especially handy if your day involves thrilling rides on log flumes or Khali River Rapids!

    Portable power bank/device charger

    A day at the theme park with your trusty gadgets – be it cell phones or cameras – can quickly drain their batteries. Given the limited access to Wi-Fi and the use of roaming and data, your portable devices may need a boost. Consider bringing a portable power bank to recharge your smartphones and camera batteries as you explore the park.

    Digital camera

    While smartphone cameras do the job, if you’re a photography enthusiast seeking to capture artistic shots to commemorate your theme park vacation, don’t forget to pack your digital camera and spare batteries!

    Convenient carryall

    To keep your theme park days organized, consider bringing along a fanny pack or a compact backpack to conveniently store all the items on this packing list.

    Snack stash

    Ensuring you have a stash of your favorite snacks neatly packed in resealable one-quart bags is a brilliant strategy for maintaining your energy levels, especially when you find yourself hungry amidst a lengthy theme park queue.

    Medication and relief

    For a full day of theme park adventures, remember to pack any prescribed medication essential for your well-being. If you’re prone to headaches like me, don’t forget to include over-the-counter pain relievers. Consider a compact travel-size medicine organizer to keep things streamlined in your bag or backpack.

    Bug battle gear

    Summertime often equates to mosquito and bug season! Arm yourself with a small, travel-size bottle of bug spray. Evenings in theme parks can be enchanting, but they also tend to be prime time for mosquitoes and elusive no-see-ums.

    Hand hygiene essentials

    While theme parks are diligently maintained by their dedicated staff, finding a restroom to wash your hands may not always be convenient. Be prepared by packing travel-size wet wipes or hand sanitizer in your theme park travel kit.

    Kid-Friendly gear

    For the little theme park enthusiasts, a helping hand and some essential gear go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable day.

    While many parks offer stroller rentals, bringing your lightweight stroller can save you some cash and spare those little legs. An easily foldable stroller provides a handy place to stow necessary items for the kiddos, such as diaper bags.


    Park-Specific accessories

    Depending on the theme park you plan to visit, consider bringing specific items that will enhance your experience. If you already have an autograph book adorned with signatures from your favorite characters, don’t forget to bring it along if you intend to attend character meet and greet.

    Additionally, theme park-specific accessories like Harry Potter wands might find a place in your daily gear. Interactive wands that can be used in Harry Potter-themed areas offer a fantastic way to immerse yourself further in the enchanting story.


    What should you leave behind when heading to a theme park?

    Are you wondering about items that are typically prohibited in most theme parks? Prior to your visit, it’s crucial to consult the specific theme park’s website to ensure you’re in the know. Here are some common items you may need to leave behind:

    1. Glass Containers: This includes water bottles, drink containers, and food receptacles made of glass. Opt for plastic or reusable alternatives instead.
    2. Alcohol: Most theme parks have strict policies against bringing alcoholic beverages onto the premises. Check the park’s rules for any exceptions.
    3. Weapons or Firearms: It goes without saying that weapons or firearms are strictly forbidden within theme park boundaries.
    4. Hard-Sided Coolers: While soft-sided coolers are usually allowed, hard-sided ones are often prohibited due to their bulkiness.
    5. Oversized Soft-Sided Coolers: Pay attention to posted dimensions as some parks limit the size of soft-sided coolers you can bring.
    6. Folding Chairs: To ensure walkways and seating areas remain accessible, folding chairs are generally not allowed. Use park-provided seating instead.
    7. Umbrellas: Most theme parks have restrictions on umbrellas to prevent obstruction and ensure the safety of guests.
    8. Selfie Sticks: For safety reasons and to prevent disruptions, selfie sticks are often banned within the park grounds.
    9. Picnic Lunches: While snacks are typically fine, bringing an entire picnic lunch might be against the rules. Check the park’s food policy for guidance.
    10. Foods Requiring Refrigeration or Heating: Unless you have a medical reason or it’s for a baby, avoid bringing perishable foods that need refrigeration or heating. Theme parks usually have dining options to meet your needs.


    Summing up

    What to bring to a theme park? When preparing for your theme park adventure in 2023, it’s essential to strike the right balance between comfort and practicality.

    Bringing theme park essentials such as comfortable footwear, sunscreen protection, sunglasses, and a rain-ready poncho can make your day more enjoyable. Don’t forget items like a reusable water bottle, waterproof cell phone case, portable power bank, and a digital camera to capture memorable moments.

    Additionally, consider park-specific accessories to enhance your experience. However, it’s equally important to know what to leave behind, such as glass containers, alcohol, weapons, and oversized coolers. Be sure to check the park’s specific rules before you go.



    Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks to the theme park?
    A: While many theme parks allow small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, it’s essential to check the park’s specific rules and policies regarding outside food and drinks. Generally, large picnics and items needing refrigeration or heating are discouraged.

    Q: Are selfie sticks allowed in theme parks?
    A: Most theme parks have banned selfie sticks due to safety concerns and the potential for disruptions. It’s advisable to leave them at home and rely on other means to capture your memories.

    Q: Can I bring my pet to the theme park?
    A: Typically, theme parks do not allow pets, with exceptions made for service animals. Check the park’s guidelines on service animal policies and make necessary arrangements if you plan to bring one.

    Q: What should I do if I forget to bring sunscreen to the theme park?
    A: If you forget sunscreen, many theme park gift shops or convenience stores within the park often carry sunscreen for purchase. However, it may be more expensive than what you’d find outside the park, so it’s a good idea to pack some in advance.

    Q: How can I prevent my skin from drying out during a theme park visit in the sun?
    A: In addition to applying sunscreen, you can keep your skin hydrated by bringing a small bottle of moisturizer or a hydrating facial mist. Apply it as needed throughout the day to prevent your skin from becoming too dry, especially in hot and sunny weather.


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